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Some of the gowns in the Texas first ladies gown collection, displayed behind glass.

这个收藏代表了德州妇女的鲜活历史, 德克萨斯共和国第一夫人的礼服, 国家, 而美国.S. 47条裙子的每一条都是由不同的来源借出或捐赠的. The collection originated in 1940 as a statewide project of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), 由州摄政王玛丽昂·戴·马林斯领导. 展出的礼服在一年中的不同时间都在变化, 所以游客每次走过大厅都能欣赏到不同的礼服. The collection is located on the second floor of the 政府 Conference Tower.




The exhibit features the biographies and photographs of more than 100 pioneering women who have left their mark on 国家 of Texas. “r names include Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court; former Gov. Ann Richards; Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles; and Grammy-winning recording artist Selena Quintanilla. The Governor’s Commission for Women established the hall in 1984 and selected TWU as the exhibit’s permanent home in 2003. The Hall of Fame is located on the second floor of the Blagg-Huey图书馆.




以TWU第一位女校长命名, 玛丽·伊芙琳·布拉格-休伊, 图书馆对学生来说不仅仅是一个资源. 里面有女性收藏, the largest source of research materials on Southern and Southwestern women in the United States. 儿童珍藏, 位于一楼, is one of the largest children’s book collections in the country and houses the distinguished Clarabel Tanner Collection of Children’s Book Art. The Cookbook Collection is one of the largest culinary collections in the United States. 从富足到饮食, 从禁酒令到战争, TWU’s collection of cookbooks richly illustrates decades of America’s changing relationship with food.

图书馆本身就很美, 大理石地板, 枝形吊灯和彩色玻璃窗. The Virginia Thomas Memorial Windows include representations of classical goddesses and muses as well as flowers. The motifs were selected because of their appropriateness to the classical style of the building.

If you’re thirsty or want to grab a snack during your visit to the Blagg-Huey图书馆, there’s a Starbucks offering a full range of menu items to your left as you enter. If it’s a gorgeous Texas day, you might want to sit by the fountain out front. 这是一个很受学生欢迎的聚会地点.




林中小教堂, one of the most beloved buildings on campus and ranked one of the top things to do in 丹顿 by TripAdvisor®, 几十年来提供了一种宁静, 一个不起眼的地方供个人反思.

The chapel was completed in 1939 and was dedicated by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

由著名的德克萨斯建筑师奥尼尔·福特和他的同事A.B. 斯万克和普雷斯顿M. 根据, the chapel was named one of the 20 most outstanding architectural achievements by the Texas Society of Architects.

More than 300 TWU students and faculty contributed to the design and construction of the chapel, 包括门, 长凳上, 马赛克的工作, light fixtures and stained-glass windows that are still in the chapel today. The 10 windows illustrate the theme “Woman Ministering to Human Needs” through the professions of nursing, 教学, 科学, 跳舞等等.



Couples have been saying “I do” in the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods since it was built in 1939. 《澳门新银河平台首页》的传统始于同年.

The original Bride’s Book contains thousands of names of couples who were married in the Little Chapel between 1939 and 1979. 当书被填满时,这个传统就结束了. In 2001, 然而, then-Chancellor Ann Stuart commissioned a new book in celebration of TWU’s 100th anniversary.

If you’re curious about a particular ceremony that took place in the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods, 请联系Blagg-Huey图书馆的大学档案馆.


紧挨着林中小教堂, the 植物园 were begun in 1930 as both a laboratory for biology students and an instructional and recreational center for all garden lovers. 以前的7英亩杂草地今天是动植物的天堂. This charming setting has been chosen by thousands of brides for their most cherished photographs.

The gardens were the site of the inaugural “Texas Wildflower Day” and inspired the creation of the first chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas. You are welcome to follow in the footsteps of first ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Lady Bird Johnson, 以及德克萨斯州著名的园艺学家本尼·辛普森. 寻找能识别各种树木和灌木的标记.

A shaded rock garden with benches and terraces of native woodbine sandstone provides a quiet place for rest and relaxation. 在石头花园的西边, 德克萨斯池塘不仅是孤星之州的形状, 同时也是睡莲的栖息地, 青蛙和乌龟.

Dr. 贝蒂·迈尔斯蝴蝶园


This native plant butterfly garden project is designed to attract and sustain monarchs and many other butterflies, 蜜蜂和鸟类. 第一期位于安·斯图尔特科学综合大楼的场地上, 第二阶段将是德克萨斯池塘以西的一个大型“展示花园”.

这个花园已被正式指定为君主观察的中转站, 表示它提供乳草, nectar plants and shelter for monarchs throughout their annual cycle of reproduction and migration.

除了在校园里创造另一个美丽的地标, the project will give TWU students many opportunities to “Learn by Doing” (the university motto).




As you stroll through the campus, be sure to visit 美国紫荆巷, a campus landmark. 你知道丹顿是德克萨斯州的紫荆首府吗?


Four Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs) sit on the wing of a fighter aircraft

The Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) courageously left their homes and jobs during the height of World War II to become the first female aircraft pilots in United States military history. TWU是WASP官方档案的所在地, 这本独一无二的书讲述了这些勇敢女性的故事.

WASP档案馆已经服务了20多个国家,迄今为止,有000名研究人员, 包括学生, 电影制作人, 记者, 历史学家, 航空爱好者等等. 它包含1,200 biographical files on WASP and related personnel; more than 700 oral histories; more than 600 collections of records, papers and memorabilia of individual WASP; and the WASP Digital Archive, 由5个,000份可数字访问的历史文件和图像.

The WASP movement marked a pivotal step forward for the women of the United States. 集体, these women surpassed all expectations and proved that women could fly military aircraft with as much skill and competency as their male counterparts. The WASP Archive at Texas Woman’s University seeks to convey the history and legacy of the WASP for future generations.